Friday, August 01, 2008

Annie from Cousin Mayme

Pansy - Thoughtfulness
"Don't let this surprise you, but gently remind you
of the letter you promised to write;
If you have any time to drop me a lie,
Here's hoping you do so tonight"

Excuse my scribling and card. Dear Anna. How are you after the good times we had so am all o.k. We was up to A. Biske yesterday evening. We seen them pictures ha ha. No good. Are you going to church I am. That is if the Preast(sp) will be here. And I will tell you more when I see you. Cousin Mayme B.

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Solveig said...

Lorlee, The card actually reads "drop me a line," not "drop me a lie," which does work in its own way, but not as flattering to the recipient as the original.

So then, if the priest doesn't go to church, you don't have to go either? Is that how it works? I am learning a lot reading these old cards!