Thursday, September 24, 2009

A word picture of Annie

You will need to click on this in order to be able to read it, but worth the effort


Kathleen said...


Thanks. I so enjoyed reading that newspaper story. Annie was such a sweet, strong woman. I wonder what she thought about the newspaper article. Probably wondering what all the fuss was about and being very humble about it.


Kay Haden said...

What a remarkable lady! And what a wonderful idea to post the cards for all to see.


Karen Larson said...

Love this site! I collect old postcards that strike my fancy. My collection is minimal compared to this one. I display mine seasonally.

Love to read the messages. My husband has a collection of letters that his grandfather sent to his(grandfather's) older sister when she lived away. They are a treasure just as yours is. Thank you for sharing!

Marie Reed said...

I read about your blog on Facebook:) Thomas McEntree posted about it! This is truly delightful! I'm a postcard aholic too:)

Mo said...

These are amazing! Thanks so much for posting them!