Monday, March 08, 2010

Annie from Cousin Clara

My dear friend. Your letter was received with pleasure and found me O.K. except that cold I can’t get rid of . I thought I’d drop you a card to tell you that I haven’t heard about the dance at all up J.R. it won’t be they don’t want it there and JH I don’t know nothing about it, but I hope if it would be there I wouldn’t miss it and the wedding the very same thing we hear a lot about but don’t know if it is so, Frankie was here one day. I didn’t dare to ask him I thought its none of my business. Say Anna tell your Ma if she want some cabbage that she can get it up here. You should come for it. This is all for this time. Hope to see you Sunday in church if it don’t rain. Your ever loving cousin & friend Clara      and some tomatoes.

The message on the mirror is "Won't you say Yes"?

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