Monday, May 10, 2010

Annie from Anna S.

Hello Anna: Thanks for card would have liked to have been with you the 4th but had no way of getting there, and if I had come out there I could not have got back in time for school Tues. morning. So I went to Sauk Centre and had a pretty good time but am sure I could have had more fun in Reno. Ask Christine if she has forgotten me for she has not answer my card. Love from Anna S.


Larajc said...

Dear Lorlee,

This is a precious gift, to be able to view these. I only know of Great, Great Aunt Annie from my Grandmother Lucy and my dad, Robert Femrite. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing and I thank you very much! Take Care. Lara (Femrite) Carson

Lorlee said...

So glad you are enjoying them. Happy to have another descendent of Aunt Annie here.

Lorlee said...
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