Sunday, October 03, 2010

Annie from Anastasia Hiebel

Dearest Anna  got your card.  was certainly glad to hear of you.  we was not to the hall dnace the 4th as we got a supprise party befor we know a thing about it the house was full of people.  We had a jolly good time.  We was to a dance at F.H. last saturday and had a gay time.  they will have a dance over to F.H. the 26-27 of Feb.  I am as every your loving Friend.  Anastasia Hiebel.  Excuse the loos of the card for this time.  [on front] excuse the looks of this card it is the only one I got just now and was not in town yet this year.    [two excuse me's -- front and back.  I think F.H.  might be Forada Hall]

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