Friday, January 14, 2011

Annie from Mary (sister-in-law)

 Dear Sister law  must drop you a card  would have sen you a letter sooner but was busy sewing  had a few dresses to make for one of my neighbors.  Anna, how di you spend Xmas; well we was home all day.  my sis is here for 2 weeks visit so we have someone here  Anna why didn't you come up to Anna  how is Johny  heard he was to have operation  Tom Zavadid told us.  Anna was it mother send us the Christmas presents, if so tell her we thank her ever so much for it.  We will make it even with her some day.  Anna please let me know where you got that black goods.  I ould like to ge 3 yards more would like to make a  whole dress its too much for a waist so let me know or get it for me and I'll send you the ???????

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