Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frances from Clara B

Dear Auntie, here goes the card, you can get some pansies big and the little ones too and then some other flowers besides and we will take some ground cherries just a few.  Excuse this Xmas card  have no other.  Your Loving Niece  Clara B.


Nancy said...

I saw this card in the blogger list of blogs I'm following and thought, "Oh my gosh, how did she get my postcard?!" Of all the postcards sold for more than a century, this is the first time someone else has had the same one I have! Amazing!

Lorlee said...

Hope you will check the other 625 that our up -- we may share more in common.

Nancy said...

I've been looking at the ones you've been posting for about a year and haven't seen any duplicates yet. I don't have much of a collection, though, which is probably why I was so surprised to see "my" card. I enjoy the cards you post. Thanks.