Sunday, August 21, 2011

Annie from Cousin Agnes

Hello Dearie  Your card rec'd some time but excuse my negletness (sp)  have been so busy husking corn  Ha, Ha  how is after the dance  All's fine I spose fellow took you home Ha ha.  I met two boys so think one of them must of took you home  Oh Gee I wished I would ofbeen along with you  Ah pardon me I like to tease when I can get a chance to but that all have to be an excuse  Will see you in church Sunday.  Cousin Agnes  Ans soon dear.


Elisabeth said...

Your blog was a featured blog in the Stevenson Genealogy Newsletter
A visit to your blog was a trip into the past for sure. I really appreciated all those great photographs. Keep up the great work.

Lorlee said...

Thanks -- there about another 100 or so. Appreciate the comment.