Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Annie from Stacha

Hello Cousin  how you comet?  I be comet  I don't know how  got a headache and sore hand and everything is the matter with me  I guess that is because I made such a long trip in that air shi  everything was O.K up there  ha ha  hope to see you Saturday   you know what we said once  you and me will walk together  hope we'll have a good time  We'lll show the (brush) folks what Reno folks are.  Trusted cousin Stacha  ans soon

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Anonymous said...

Stacia Beatrice Landa (born 5 Dec 1894) was the daughter of Thomas Landa and Mary Bartos. She married Vernon Weaver (born 18 Sep 1899) of Lowry. They lived in Glenwood.