Thursday, April 14, 2011

Annie from John

Dear Sis Anna:  Rec'd your letter some time ago and was glad to hear from you.  I am pretty busy these days working kind of late and a letter is a big thing for me to write.  We are toing to work 9 hours beginning now so will have more time for myself.  I am well and the weather is not bad yet.  Will write more in letter.  Loving B. J. 

This card was next to the previous card and I believe that it is the same group of soldiers.  On the front of the card "Norg Spruce Stump, Toledo, Oregon


Celeste said...

This postcard is a photograph of members of the US Army Spruce Division near Toledo, Oregon where they were stationed to log the spruce forests for airplane quality spruce during WW I. They arrived in 1917 and lived in tent cities around the area while they built railroads to access the spruce timber and started a large sawmill. The mill was not finished before the war ended.

Lorlee said...

Thanks so much for info.