Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Annie from Cousin Emma

Cousin  Well I am right on the spot today.  down Charely Shermak's they have a baby boy Thursday noon.  Tell your ma Mrs. Sarah Russell died 27th of February.  We got a letter all bordered with black and inside a card on it just written a piece of her.  She lived in Seattle Wash  But we dont know who sent it.  We think childrens.  Emma.  Will see you Sunday
Since it seems to be hot all over the country (particularly here in Texas) I thought we could use a nice cooling winter scene.  This one entitled Winter in the Country. 

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Nancy said...

Thank you! I love winter scenes and appreciate how painters used so many whites in such delicate ways. This painting looks very familiar to me but maybe it just looks similar to other winter scenes. Lovely and refreshing on this hot July evening.