Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Frances from John

 Dear Mother  Rec'd your letter but have not much to write so this care will do for this time. I will send that paper back to you next time I write you a letter and that picture I did get and give my thanks to Aunt Bartos for thinking of me.  Have nothing new to write only I am working nights - changed yesterday will work for a month nights  it was kind of warm when we worked daytime but it's fine and cool there nights  I like the work pretty good  small pay but I don't want to wrk har  could have got more but harder work  so rather took an easier job.  just not to be idle and have a good place for winter  With best wishes to you and all at ahome  Don't forget JQ and Aunt and Uncle Joe Bartos if you see them.  I am your son John  PS  got a letter from Gibbon  Tells me not to use any ______ but to live like a man.

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