Monday, June 08, 2009

Annie from John

Oct. 25, 13 Dear Sis Anna. Rec’d your card tonight so will answer right back. The overcoat is in the pool office. I could not get it because I get from the factory 8 o’clock and the post office closes at six o’clock. I will have the man I’m staying at get it for me. Could not get it on Sunday. He will get it Monday. Tell Mother I got her letter and was glad to hear from her. Will ans it next week. Am feeling pretty good today it is kind of cold snowed litter here. I forget to let you know in the letter I sent how much is the fare to Denver. I forgot but I think it was something around $25.00 it is over a thousand miles. I have nothing to write so will close. Brother JJB PS Tell W. Chan if you see him I got his letter and will answer his next week.

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